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As you all know, I am missing my daughter, Daniella, so much ever since she left to college this August.  Last weekend, my Gabby and I decided to meet her in Savannah for Halloween Weekend. Savannah is a charming city, rich in history, good food, southern hospitality & ghosts!  It is actually one of the most haunted cities in America!

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On the night we arrived (All Souls Eve), I booked a ghost tour with hearseghosttours.com.  It was such a memorable experience!  For $15 per person, they take you on a guided tour of most of Savannah’s haunts, all in the comfort of your own decked-out hearse.  Kings of Leon have taken his tour when in Savannah.  It is a lot of fun and not so scary for those of you that are afraid.

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We really wanted to visit the Hampton-Lillibridge House (aka THE MOST HAUNTED HOUSE IN SAVANNAH), but the hearse tour guide informed us that all tours are banned from visiting this property. We couldn’t help but be even more curious. We googled the home and found accounts of a tour guest pulled by an unseen force, workers having accidentally died and countless reports of off-the-wall noises and movement.  Both Duke University & the American Psychical Research Foundation have been involved in a paranormal studies at the home.  Perhaps the scariest fact we found was that in 1963, an Episcopal Bishop was commissioned to perform an exorcism on the home to command the evil spirits to leave.  Supposedly, the spirits have never left & the beautiful home is still for sale.  Despite all this information, we logically decided it would be a great idea for us to go on our own the next day.  We really didn’t think anything of it when my daughters walked up the stairs to take a picture at the front door.  Daniella, my oldest, screamed saying that she felt someone holding the bottom of her leg.  Nonetheless, we all bravely took turns walking up and taking pictures at the front door.  You can imagine our surprise when I looked at the images that came out in our pictures (see below).  Although the pictures were taken in the middle of the day, you can clearly see the orbs and in one of them, even a faint figure of a face on the right side of the door (where Daniella felt someone holding her leg).  I actually showed these pictures to a friend of mine who is a photographer and she says that the white/gray orbs could not be a reflection of the sun.  We were definitely spooked!  Needless to say, we all didn’t sleep well that night!

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Later that night, we had dinner at the best restaurant in town, The Olde Pink House.  Consequently, it is also one of the most haunted places in Savannah and the subject of one of the most popular ghost videos posted on YouTube (go see it for yourself). Danny, Gabby and I decided to take some pictures in the hallway that is featured in the YouTube video and we actually captured something here as well (see bluish gray orb by the handle of the bathroom door).

2014-11-02 18.17.22

The waiters at The Olde Pink House told us that the ghosts are friendly and that they love to prank the guests in the downstairs bathrooms every now and then too.  Nonetheless, the restaurant staff is so entertaining and the food was beyond delicious.  What a beautiful, historical and unusual place to have celebrated our final night in Savannah!

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P.S.  If you ever visit Savannah, I would recommend that you stay at Mansion at Forsyth Park.  It was a former funeral home and the hotel is very architecturally beautiful and artsy.  I love that they have their own Art Gallery (The Grand Bohemian Gallery).  Their sister property, The Bohemian Hotel,  on the Savannah Riverfront is also a great choice.  Savannah has a lot of beautiful bed and breakfast style inns, but we learned on our ghost tour that some of them are still haunted so be careful!  BRA, HA, HA, HA, HA!

P.S.S.  Below is another picture taken at the Hampton-Lillibridge house.  I prayed Hail Marys out loud as I walked up the stairs with Gabby.  Unlike the countless orbs that are on the right side of the picture I posted above, this one has a prominent angular one on the side of the door and a dark one right in the center, on the top part of the “For Sale” sign.  Do you see it?

Savannah is one cool travel spot to spend an unforgettable Halloween weekend for sure!

With love,


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