College-bound Daughter = Bawling Mom


I am crying myself to insomnia (versus sleep) as I edit this video I made for my daughter to commemorate a new chapter in our lives. I didn’t even attempt to add the baby pictures for the sheer fear that my eyes would be unrecognizable for days.  My oldest daughter, Daniella will be starting her first year at college. I am so proud of her and the responsible, kind, funny, smart, beautiful and caring adult she has become and I know that expanding her horizons will be the key to her lifetime happiness and growth.  However, I cannot stop bawling.  I know that after this weekend, I will no longer be able to give her a kiss every morning or cuddle with her as we watch TV at night.  I am grateful that I have never taken these precious memories for granted but in reality , they will no longer happen every day like they used to.  I know that I will soon miss how she always conveniently misplaces my deodorant and favorite running shoes in her room.  I will miss her ever-present mess and even waiting up for her on weekends. After eighteen years of being so close, I will have to learn to catch my breath and watch her take flight.  You see, in many ways, my daughters saved me.  Their Dad & I divorced when they were barely 4 & 2 and I had to raise the bar for them and become the best version I could of myself as a woman & a mother.  In becoming better for them, I became a better me. When I had a bad day, I always had them to love and I always came home to a house full of wonder, hugs and kisses.  These memories just remind me how important it is for us to cherish each day, each memory, each blessing.  This weekend will mark a new chapter in our lives and I will now have the opportunity to witness Daniella as she begins her journey of designing a amazing life for herself. I am grateful that I have so much love in my heart for her and I am going to cry all I want to!


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2 Responses

  1. Marilupe says

    I am feeling your sadness as well. It’s a new chapter for all of us. Wishing you and Daniela lots of love, peace and good luck on this journey.

    BTW, loved the blog. I will be tuning in.


  2. Heidi Lopez-Vazquez says

    Such moving words and beautiful video. The very best of luck to Daniella, I am sure that with your support and that of her family she will excel in this new journey and make her dreams a reality. My heart goes out to you as a mother myself, how we miss our children when they leave our side… but this new journey will also bring new memories and many blessings.