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College-bound Daughter = Bawling Mom

http://http://youtu.be/OkCdNNa1xzM I am crying myself to insomnia (versus sleep) as I edit this video I made for my daughter to commemorate a new chapter in our lives. I didn’t even attempt to add the baby pictures for the sheer fear that my eyes would be unrecognizable for days.  My oldest daughter, Daniella will be starting her first year at college. I am so proud of her and the responsible, kind, funny, smart, beautiful and caring adult she has become and I know that expanding her horizons will be the key to her lifetime happiness and growth.  However, I cannot stop… Read More


I asked some of my readers the other day what they would like me to write more about. I received several responses but the most popular request was regarding how to better balance it all. I am not going to lie. It is not an easy feat and I just recently got the hang of how to pull it all off without getting too overwhelmed. How? I learned one simple trick that made everything work like clockwork and I would love to share it with you! Before a few years ago, I was one of those people that absolutely loved… Read More

LOOK UP – This video will inspire you to be more present and alive in the lives of those you most love

Yesterday was Mother’s Day.  I loved spending the day with my kids and family but I could not help but notice how we all spent a part of the day responding to other’s people’s well-wishing texts, Instagrams and Facebook posts.  I know I checked every media site to see if my kids posted any “spending Mother’s Day with my amazing Mom” posts.  They didn’t.  I wish a little bit that they would have, but then I realized that this is truly an utter stupidity because I know in my heart that they love me anyway.  I don’t need to post… Read More

World’s Toughest Job – WATCH THIS FOR MOTHER’S DAY…

Job Posting

IN HONOR OF MOTHER’S DAY! I LOVE BEING A MOM. My children are the best gifts I have received in this lifetime. Yet, I can’t seem to shake the odd feeling of sentimental anxiety I get every year when Mother’s Day comes around. I know a big part of it is that I miss my own mom so much (she has been in Heaven since 2002) that I can’t help the waterworks when I see other women with their moms. To me, Mother’s Day has never been about flowers or gifts. Mother’s Day should be a day everyone in the… Read More